Daawo ayaan darada : – Nolosha Chelsea Village waa goobaha Somaalida ka caagan ee Shisheeyahu ku raaxeysto ee Xalane, Waqti Ummaddii Somaaliyeed Abaar iyo Gaajo dishootay

Chelsea Village is your home in the heart of the Mogadishu International Airport zone (MIA). We pride ourselves on the experience we offer guests, especially the comfort and safety of our rooms, the quality of our catering and the peace of mind provided by our security. We also provide on-site potable water to World Health Organisation standards that is tested daily.

Currently we can host 152 guests. By April 2017, we will be able to accommodate 184 guests.

A Chelsea Group project, our vision is to provide camps around the world that are safer and more comfortable than any of the competition. Built and managed by the Camp Operating Group (COG), we employ remote management specialists with years of experience in some of the most logistically challenging environments in the world.


Chelsea Village is located in the heart of the Mogadishu International Airport zone (MIA), two minutes from the airport and a few minutes’ drive from the UN, the UK embassy and other missions. If wanting to stretch your legs outside of the camp, it is possible to walk safely along the beach stretch of the MIA.



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