Terms of Reference To Develop SUN Communication strategy and messaging for the Karkaar region in the State of Puntland

Terms of Reference  To Develop SUN Communication strategy and messaging for the Karkaar region in the State of Puntland

The Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement represents broad consensus, that progress towards improving nutrition, requires action on many fronts.

Somalia joined SUN movement in May 2014 as the 52nd member. Puntland is the only federal state member that has a functional SUN focal point and it joined the movement in 2015 as sub national.
Since the movement requires people to act together through a multi-sectoral, integrated approach led by the federal government and sub national government. The first issue of Scaling Up Nutrition in practice highlights the importance of coordinated efforts on the part of a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including ministries that support agriculture, health, social protection, water, sanitation and hygiene, gender and education; United Nations (UN) agencies and donors, civil society, research and academia; and the private sector. The second issue focused on the importance of information systems to track progress, set priorities and measure nutrition outcomes

Purpose of SUN communication strategy development:
The SUN communication strategy will be used to plan and implement advocacy, communication and social mobilization activities in order to increase knowledge and utilization of health services for improved health outcomes of the target population (reduction in child and maternal mortality in the target population)

Objectives of the assignment
⦁ Based on the findings of the KAP survey develop a SUN COMMUNICATION strategy with appropriate SUN COMMUNICATION messages for different sections of society (Women, men, children, elders, decision makers, health managers and policy makers,
Key tasks of the assignment:

⦁ Design and develop key SUN COMMUNICATION strategy and messages targeting different sections of the society (Children, women, elders, decision makers, health managers)
⦁ Present and generate consensus on the SUN COMMUNICATION strategy and messages with key health actors and influential actors at community level
In developing the SUN COMMUNICATION strategy and messages, a participatory process shall be followed to ensure social – cultural appropriateness of the messages and strategies for disseminating. In this regard, the views of the people that took part in the KAP survey should be sought.

With the above guidance consultants that apply for the job are expected to indicate in their technical proposals the details of the data/information collection, analysis and reporting techniques (using both quantitative and qualitative techniques) they plan to deploy. Moreover, their technical proposal should also indicate the process and methods they intend to adopt to develop the SUN COMMUNICATION strategies and messages. The proposed methodologies and approaches will then be further elaborated in consultation with Ministry of Health.

⦁ The duration of the consultancy will be for 30 days for the development of SUN COMMUNICATION Strategy )

The consultant will deliver the following deliverables:

⦁ A report on Deliverables and consultation process
⦁ A SUN COMMUNICATION strategy Document for Puntland
⦁ A SUN COMMUNICATION messages targeting different sections of the community (see above)
⦁ A complete set of tools and data submitted to Save the Children as organization’s property

Lead consultant
⦁ The consultant should have a Masters Degree in Public Health or Medical Anthropology or Economics or Sociology
⦁ Extensive experience in health program research demonstrated by assignments conducted
⦁ Experience in undertaking Extensive planning including development of strategies such SUN COMMUNICATION strategies and health in General
⦁ Knowledge of the socio-economic and health development issues in relation to Somalia is desired.
Co investigator

Postgraduate qualification in social science, development studies or in a discipline relevant to this assignment

Action Plan:
SN Activity
WK1 WK2 Wk3 Wk4
1 Desk review by the consultant on the relevant documentations for social mobilization, advocacy and communication.
2 Key stakeholders (Sun champion office, line ministries, UN agencies, donors, academia, civil society) interviews. The lead consultant will carry out interview with the key players of the sector
2 Write up of the first draft for social mobilization, advocacy and communication strategy
3 Consultation workshop for stakeholders in Garowe
4 Final draft and dissemination

Terms and Conditions:

⦁ Rate as per Save the Children consultancy rate
⦁ Travel and visa / airport tax to and from Nairobi into Puntland (Nairobi/ Garowe/ Nairobi), as well as travel within Puntland will be covered by Save the Children (this includes transport to/from airports)
⦁ Modest accommodations will be provided by Save the Children – The consultant will be based in Save the Children guest houses during her/his stay in Nairobi and Puntland.
⦁ Tax arrangements will be agreed in accordance with Save the Children procedures – see accompanying Agreement.

Proposal Submission from Consultant:
In response to these terms of reference, potential consultants are requested to submit a detailed proposal outlining how he/she propose to address the objectives. Approaches, other than that outlined above, are welcomed; however, consultant should justify the effectiveness of their various approaches. In addition to a detailed outline of the methodologies to be used, the proposal should include the following:
⦁ Work approach
⦁ Timescale
⦁ Current CV
⦁ References of previous employers for similar work.


The consultant will report to the Director of Policy and Planning – Dr. Abdirizak Hassan Isse


Primary contacts within Garowe, MOH HQ office will be the Director of Policy and Planning – Dr. Abdirizak Hassan Isse ( +252907794969) and Email: abdirisaak20@gmail.com

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