Aqoonyahan Faisal Rooble : – Somalia is no longer a constitutional federal Republic “

Faisal Rooble

The demise of the New Federal Somalia!

Somalia is no longer a constitutional federal Republic. The 2012 constitution has been undermined. Neither the number of the regions nor the number of upper House members is based on the constitution. Article 72 of the constitution limits the members of the Upper House to no more than 54 individuals.

On December 24, 2016, in a capricious and arbitrary manner, the so-called National Leaders Forum increased the members to 72, adding a total of 18 seats, to accommodate interested groups

The constitution is literally dead! Somalia is going NOWHERE no matter how you slice it.

In the past Puntland used t to resist such arbitrary changes to the constitution. Today, it is the main facilitator and an enabler to the destruction of the constitution.

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