Job Title: Deputy Manager/Head of Treasury

Location: Garowe

Positions: One Position

Reporting to: Amal Express Manager


Responsible for maximizing transaction volume and revenue for Amal Express, for existing as well as new Agent networks and the administration and execution of company plans, policies and procedures, and for achieving specific service and operational objectives.


1. Track, adjust and report on liquidity levels and daily payment activity to Division Manager and CEO to ensure successful payments and service delivery.

 Manage the day-to-day functions of the Treasury department such as performing the cash movements via electronic funds transfer systems under strict internal/external time deadline

 Ensure that money is available at payout locations for customers to be paid on time

 Ensure adequate liquidity within the Group to pay customers and shareholders and operating expenses

 Independently check if agent limits are breached and report to Amal Express Manager/CEO and Risk Committee

 Check whether agents are remitting their balances fully and take corrective actions

 Put hold on transactions where agents are not remitting funds or breaching their limits

 Monitor variations of commission rates applied by agents compared to the normal applicable rates and report to Amal Express Manager/ CEO

 Periodically conduct independent review of changes in agent limits and take corrective actions where necessary

2. Track payment flows and resolve any issues related to payments and escalate issues within the team and internal or external business partners when necessary.

3. Implement sound internal controls for management of cash resources and key risks within the Group

4. Implement tight controls and procedures to minimize cash holdings with agents and branches, and maximize cash resources at head office or UAE

5. increase cash at head office or UAE through tight management of agent limits and reduction of balances

6. Provide reliable reporting system for key information in management of agent risks, liquidity risk, foreign currency risk


7. Provide the necessary daily, weekly and monthly reporting on Amal Express balances, agent payment status, trade confirmations and cash flow forecast.

8. Responsible for the administration and execution of company plans, policies and procedures, and for achieving specific service and operational objectives

 Develop and maintain competitive remittance products and services

 Manage end-to-end Amal Express strategic initiatives and daily operations  Arrange for training of agents where necessary.

 Monitor, assess and address customer service issues to improve the quality and consistency of Amal Express’s services.

 Supervise the delivery of customer service to major corporate clients handled at Regional Office level.

 Drive delivery of new products and enhancements in a timely manner.

 Identify opportunities for market growth and support implementation.

 Collect agent feedback, competitor information/schemes and escalate to the Amal Express Manager/CEO as necessary.

 In conjunction with Amal Express Manager/CEO, direct any internal audits required to be carried out.

 Attend to recommendations made by Internal Audit in audits that have been conducted.

 Prepare monthly reports to Amal Express Manager/ CEO.

Key Objectives of Duties

 Provide efficient and effective treasury services to support the vision and strategy of the company

 Maximize return on surplus cash resources

 Minimize the cost of moving cash in the system

 Eliminate any loss of cash at agents or branches

 Minimize any foreign exchange risk

 Monitor and comply with regulatory reporting requirements and company policies and best practices

 Work in conjunction with Amal Express Manager/CEO to develop sales and marketing strategy and plans

 Support the Amal Express Manager/CEO in implementation of new money transfer system or business strategy



 Bachelor’s Degree in Finance , Accounting or a related subject

 Master’s Degree preferred

 2 – 3 years of cash management experience and general administrations.

Knowledge & Skills

 Ability to process large volumes of incoming queries and transaction load

 Ability to pay strict attention to detail while performing repetitive tasks

 Strong mathematical, analytical, problem-solving and financial modeling skills

 Strong database and excel skills

 Basic knowledge of foreign exchange transactions  Excellent communications skills  Age between 35 to 50 years.

Send your CV/Resume to: info@amalgroup.net before 28 January, 2016.

Mention the specific position you are applying or requesting.

Please read Job Descriptions before you send your Application.

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