No more Raas Assayr State as its founders retreated their claims and supported Puntland

Barre Faatax one of the founders of Ras Asayr State in Bari Region retreated his claims of Raas Assayr State and supported Puntland government and its efforts in the districts where Barre and his friends acclaimed it was new state.

“When we had announced Raas Assayr state ,we were not happy how Puntland government neglected the region , but right now every thing is changed and Puntland government seems to have come up with new development plans in Ex. Raas Assayr state” Says Barre Faatax.

Puntland government started development projects in remote districts in Bari Region where Puntland Marine forces started war against pirates in the region.

Talking to media , Barre Fatah insisted that Raas Assayr People will support Puntland government as it accelerates its development projects in the region.

“ Puntland has set a plan to eliminate pirates in Baargaal and surrounding small districts , and making City Council for the district , all these tangible steps would reflect positive image of Puntland Government.

Barre Fatah Said there were possibilities of starting negotiation between Puntland Government and the founders of Raas Assayr state.


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