President Hassan Sheikh’s miscalculations on international support

An old proverb in English says “ opportunity nocks at the door once” .President Hassan Sheikh might be called the luckiest Somali president since collapse of the central government in 1991. From teacher to presidency , and being president at the calmest time in Somalia ,such quick elevations are almost impossible in the developed world.

What so ever chance has come to Hassan Sheikh and his alliance (Damul-Jadeed) , a moderate Muslims who can some how deal with international community . He is frank and social , this may compliment his chances.

The government of Somalia is internationally recognized and there will be no more transition period. Government of Hassan Sheikh will be treated as legitimate recognized government, but Hassan Sheikh seems he is miscalculating things..

Hassan Sheikh was elected and sworn in under federal constitution but he tries at his best to make the government of Somalia a centralized administered in Mogadishu as it was 21 years ago; this is not a hidden agenda but Hassan Sheikh steadfastly says that federal system is not applicable in Somalia at this time. But when ever Hassan Sheikh is caught in a mistake he tries to show up another face.

Another embarrassment of Hassan Sheikh’s government was seen in African Summit where foreign Minister of Somalia intended to persuade East African countries that Federalism can not function now in Somalia, but several powerful east African government opposed it by voting.

Hassan Sheikh’s Government habit seems never stopping; it is violating the national federal constitution in which energy and money was wasted.

Hassan Sheikh may assume that the support of International community would force other regions like Puntland and Somaliland to obey its orders by hook and crook, that would notr happen with out the will of people of these regions.

The government is federal government, if the country is not administered under the federalism, Hassan Sheikh would not be able to be president of whole Somalia but Mogadishu or surrounding regions.

Daahir Diini
Melbourne, Australia

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