Puntlandi Editorial: Jubbaland Mission is about to succeed!

Jubbaland is neither for one clan nor specific group of people, but shared by Somali People. It should not be projected that Jubbaland is dominated by one clan or interfered by foreign countries.

Every Somali person will have get the right to reside and start business in Jubbaland, there is no reason that some people to challenge and try to flatten people’s will. The success of Jubbaland is the success of Somali federal government. Because of three regions have already agreed to unite and form a well structured administration, this duty was formally responsible for the Somali Government but facilitated by local people.

The process of creating stable administration goes in smooth process . Local constituents, and elders of Jubbaland are busy to make well structured administration .

The people of Jubbaland are free to manage the conference without any interference from any government or foreign entities.

The formation of Jubbaland will not create any problem to any group or clan but The regions in Jubbaland will have get lasting peace and tranquility .

It seems Jubbaland conference is taking place without any hindrance. Recently people of Jubba Land will elect their president, speaker and vice president.

Jubbaland state once was the worst insecure areas has not turned into peaceful environment.

Somali Federal government is created to serve its people in equal and impartial approach. President Hassan Sheikh and his friends was criticized for interference, and for their unwillingness to see Jubbaland’s success.

Constitution of Jubbaland was finalized and people are ready to see their government functioned and the power and administrations are shared equality.


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