Puntlandi Editorial: Puntland democracy on the right track!!

Change is some times painful, people hate it but it has a profound advantage for the progress of the people. Democratization process in Puntland is new to Puntlanders but they have accepted and seek out it for long time. It is apparent that shifting from political scenario to another take time , energy and needs struggle to make the people motivated to believe it..

Democratization process has already been commenced in Puntland and several Parties have succeeded to step up into next stage , though only three political parties would be competing parliamentarian seat, but at least they would be selected or deselected by genuine and vivid criteria set by Puntland election Commission.

It is also good news to hear that political parties are struggling to fulfill PEC criteria requirements; Some political parties inaugurated their offices in main cities and others are planning. Wadajir Party was the last organization that opened its office in Galkacyo.

Talking to the media, the chairman of Wadajir Political Party said that they would adhere to the constitution of Puntland and they would lead Puntland into peaceful and prosperous direction. He talked to dozens of his supporters in Galkayo, and promised their main aim is to build united society as their name reflects the unity. He maintained their political party is open to every Puntlander who is above 15 years old.

Meanwhile supporters of Horseed Political party staged gathering in Bosaso, to show their support and enthusiasm for their party . Regional leaders of the party as well as guests and elders offered their support to the party.

All recent changes in Puntland show that democracy is going to flourish , and multi party system to be successfully implemented in Puntland.

A health challenge can create health competition which at last brings prosperity for the society. Parties would compete for the development and the betterment of basic life of people, people would have get chances to say “Yes” or “ No”.

Though sincerity and loyalty are building blocks of democracy, every puntlander must know that the people of Puntland are not Passive , they are peace loving people but they cant’ be fooled for democracy.

Be oppositions or government , a very clear and clean process of developing people would never be rejected in any means, so go ahead , let the people of Puntland see the change.


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