PUNTLANDI EDITORIAL—Puntland’s Mudug Governor deserves a golden prize

Mohamed Yusuf Jama (Tigey) governor of Mudug region has did a lot in less than a year. He is a passionate, and hard-worker.

I am not going to emphasize his knowledge and academic capability but almost what I am talking about is his personality and humanity.

When some one glance how he assist his people , one may see the way he step up his day to day activity in his office, means he could be a minister .

In a quick span of time he visited all main districts of Mudug region , plus small vicinities in which Puntland administers.

The young energetic governor visited Goldogob and Bursalax on January this year, discussed on peace and tranquility with local people, and elders.

On March Tigey along with high profile delegates visited Jareeban, and Garacad, another important and strategic areas of Mudug. At that time the aim was the termination of pirates from Mudug region, and the mission remained ended successfully.

One month earlier, Mr. Tigey along with Islan Bashir Islan Abdulle have paid a visit on Balli Busle , an old, but underdeveloped small district and initiated the first secondary school of the district

Mudug region is one of the most important and strategic regions of Somalia, it has a town that more than half million inhabitants live , thus it has experienced a volatile environment due to long rooted hostility and the greenline.

Now its on Gosol, a neighborhood that totally lies under water. He himself become model to those who want to help the flood hit people in Gosol village .

Thanks to Golis Telecom , which provided the last visible aid relief to the needy and underwater community.

Mudug Governor, ex employee of Golis was heading a group of employees and administration who reached Gosol and distributed food items.

One of the most striking image in Gosol likelihood is that of Governor hassling and tussling to save the people and their livestock, holding the ears of two goats ,trying to save them and reach them in a dry land. It was fascinating picture. He has leadership traits, when you see such a young man doing such an incredible humanitarian actions you may testify he is deserved a golden price.


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