Puntlandi Editorial—-Somalia’s Independence day celebrated with high hopes and expectations..

Somali people across the world honor their freedom day, 1sty July .As they do every year like this, this is distinctive from previously held festivals and celebrations .

Though this is the first July celebrated only in Southern Somalia , because Somaliland , one of the second last portion of the Somalia maintains doubtful independence .

1st July which most of Somali people know as “ Kowda Luuliyo” is big , and beloved day for Somali people where ever they are.

This day rounds 20 times while Somali people are suffering from anguish and chaos resulted by civil war , but still Somali people seem they are having never dying hope .

Dozens of celebration events were held in the country as well as many other occasions in the world, even where there are less number of people did so to show solidarity with Somali people .

This year 1st July comes while Somali people relieved a bit, taking break from continues bullet sounds, never ending fighting , particularly Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, where the fighting become part of daily life.

Now every one is dreaming positively and dreams will come true in this year as many of them believe . Government seems gaining momentum and upper hand for regions formerly controlled by Islamist fighters, and the other hand thousands of families returned their houses .

The other main optimism is , expectation of smooth transition . People are cautiously waiting the presidential election in August this year, and they expect the first full-fledged government will come first time since 20 years..

The international help and their inclination for Somali issues has raised the deemed hope of Somali people. Since London Conference held in London on 23rd where international community have taken homogenous decisions about Somali problems have also added some weight on the expectations.International community also strongly supported the transition period should be ended soon , as the new government acquires abilities to exercise its power .

In conclusion the optimism and expectations of Somali people are at peak and mostly their celebration was morally different from previous independence days, so the leaders of Somali people should not bring Somali people down.


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