Puntlandi Editorial: Somalia’s transitional Roadmap Most Likely to flourish

Muqdisho(Puntlandi)—Roadmap, multi-task process of restoring peace and tranquility of a state which international community stamped on “Failed state” is very hard to anticipate whether it would fail or succeed.

Roadmap means making four main points accomplished before coming Augost and they are :- security, approval of a constitution, reconciliation and good governance.

The London conference on Somalia in earlier this year, world leaders decided execution of Roadmap, and who ever seen as barrier to that process would be called spoiler of Peace.

There are certain reasons that Roadmap could not simply lose ground as other previous processes .

Firstly roadmap is seen milestone of Somalia’s future. 16 previous conferences aimed to restore Somalia’s hope have became fruitless, plus the operation restore hope in which United states and other countries tried to save Somalia from the prolonged anarchy.

International community is waiting for the result and the development of Roadmap to see Somalia having government that can reach its destination, and able to negotiate and sign deals with other countries.

The coming August, less than three months away, the term “Transitional Government “ would be eliminated and powerful government would be installed with help of roadmap articles.

Roadmap is one of rare possibilities of saving Somalia from Transship or outside intervention, so that point that is an opportunity for the roadmap. It is very clear many people are not satisfied with some points in the roadmap like constitution and federalism, but solution and saving the country from Transship is first priority.

Drivers of Roadmap are strong, competent and experienced intellectuals who are prepared to see their ambition and vision flourished with their high effort to make it fruitful.

Recently roadmap has narrowly escaped to collapse after highly organized plot on assassination attempt of Dr. Adbiwali the captain of Roadmap and his strong team who were helping him implementing the roadmap.

Second Roadmap has less odds to fail because since its initiative plans have been kept succeeding due to support of stakeholders of Somalia People, like Puntland, TFG, and Galmudug.

Meanwhile approval of the new constitution will play an integral role that roadmap to succeed. Somali prime minister Abdiwali Mohamed Ali has recently said that the he is 100% optimistic seeing constitution approved by representatives from across Somalia.

If Roadmap spoilers are kept on Eye , and the remaining coming three months are being worked hard for implementing roadmap points , its very likely to see roadmap succeeded.


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