PUNTLANDI EDITORIAL—The competent and esteemed minister: a brief biography of late Dr. Jim’ale

A sophisticated , an educated and very disciplined minister, The late State Minister for Democratization Process and Federal Relations in Somalia’s self-governing Puntland State, Dr. Abdi Hassan Jim’ale was born in Mogadishu, Somalia .He took most of his Primary, secondary and University education in Mogadishu.

Puntland’s State Minister for Democratization and Federal Affairs, Dr. Abdi Hassan Jimale died in London on Monday. Close friends of Dr. Jimale told Puntlandi the minister has been ailing in London for the past several weeks .

Dr. Jimale ,the author of well known Somali History book “ Maddaganaasha” , was involved numerous academic fields in several countries in Europe..

Since he came in Puntland, he has made a lot of creative developments and brought new Ideas that helped Puntland to be known in international arena. He promoted Puntland constitution and he also helped Puntland to be recognized as an active and peaceful stakeholder.

For the past several months he wasn’t involved in the politics, he went back to Britain where he was ailing and later died. His death comes a time that Puntland people extraordinarily needed him, despite the fact no one can delay the destiny.

The late Dr. Abdi Hassan Jimale was Puntland’s State Minister for Democratization and Federal Affairs for the past years. A key policy maker in the government’s drive to tighten law and federalism Dr. Jimale was actually not much famous as he was involved in Puntland politics, though he was renowned author and lawyer.

He was fluent in five languages, English, Russian, Italian , Romanian and Danish

A father of two , Dr. Jimale took most of his time abroad where he studied and worked since he received PhD in Romania in 1993.

For the last years he made a significant contributions on Puntland’s process of implementing constitution, though Puntland constitution was written before him , but he devoted his time to correct, redraft and make it standardized

He played an integral role in making people of Puntland understood about the new constitution of Puntland, .

He had the mind behind the innovation ,the process of designing and making Puntland National Song and Emblem.

He promoted the relationship between Puntland and Somali government who had been unsettled for longtime . He also served as Puntland’s representative for Roadmap conferences in Garowe

He didn’t attend at the ceremony in which Puntland’s constitution was approved due to health circumstances.

Puntland will definitely miss such a man like him. May Allah bless him in his mercy . Ameen.


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