PUNTLANDI EDITORIAL: The essence of Peace is Within the Hearts of Puntlanders!.

The people of Puntland have always kept in mind that peace is good for all and peace is prerequisite of every progress; that is why they are always ready to sacrifice and struggle to save their sovereignty. There have been colliding contemplations over Puntland’s current situation though optimistic people have always got the upper hand .

There was a time when the Late legend ,President of Puntland and Somalia Abdulahi Yusuf Ahmed was over thrown from the power in short period of time and Puntland plunged into deep crises, there were a small number of people who had confidence of that Puntlanders will never let their country down; it really happened, and normalcy returned quickly and progressively.

Let’s come to now, where Puntland people have understood of anarchy and bloodshed of the civil war. They had learnt from their mistakes as much as any other people in Somalia.

The way the incumbent government faced the anticipated political crises in Puntland has eased the nerve of the people . Though the government accepted there might be mistakes from them and they are human being for committing mistakes.

There is no way to distinguishing the government and oppositions in terms of their patriotism, both sides are Puntlanders and they care and must care about their country and people.

Peace is a gifted reward for the people of Puntland .They have enjoyed peaceful environment for decades , even when central government collapsed, north eastern regions currently known as Puntland where peaceful, and civil war scars were far from it. After Allah people of Puntland were those who made Puntland non violent environment.

There might be a question of why Puntland elders remained silent about puntland security issues , but they are absolutely not ; they are not going to lead the country into a chaos remembering the mistakes that had already happened.

Peace is good for all not a particular people . So every Puntlander should sacrifice for his country, his existence .


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