Radio Mogadishu distorts Prime minister’s interview on Puntland’s recent decision on Draft Constitution

Muqdisho(Puntlandi)—-Radio Mogadishu, the mouth piece of transitional Somali government have recently misinterpreted an interview in which Somali Prime minister Abdiwali Mohamed Ali (Gaas) gave radio Mogadishu , Puntlandi reports

Radio Mogadishu asked several questions, part of them relating to Puntland government decision in which it had said that Somali Draft Constitution needs adjustment and rectification

Radio Mogadishu website Published on Saturday (12th May) a news article about the response from the Prime minister of Somalia in which its original meaning was distorted by radio Mogadishu staff.

Puntlandi investigates whether Prime minister said these statements “ its up to Puntland government for its claim and roadmap process will never be effected such claims from Puntland government”

Puntlandi also receives the original clip of the interview and the question about Puntland which was asked the prime minister and it was totally different as it was interpreted.

Prime minister Abdiwali Mohamed Ali said in his interview, that there are several entities who have questions about constitution. He said Somali Ulemas and Constituent assembly will check the constitution. “Puntland is not different from those who have suggestions about constitution , and constitution has not yet been finalized” said the prime minister.

What was written on Radio Mogadishu Webpage and what was broadcast in radio Mogadishu news bulletin was dissimilar.

Puntlandi. Muqdisho

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